75 Hard Day 12

I am on day 12 of 75 Hard and it is getting HARD.  Surprisingly, it's not the workouts (although going outside and running when it's 110 degrees in Phoenix is not fun), It's not the reading, water or the diet.  

It's surprising how difficult it is to remember to take a progress picture every day and it's difficult to not have a drink after a long stressful work week.  Yesterday, I stopped to pick up some chicken wings (not breaded) from a local bar and grill and when I walked in everyone seemed to be having such a good time with their beer cheese and pretzels, Hamburgers and ice cold beer.  It was a serious temptation to call the program quits and indulge.  I am proud to say that I picked up my food, walked out and went home.  

I feel myself getting stronger both physically and mentally, but this program is no joke.  I have no doubt it will make you mentally tough, but it will take that toughness to push through for 75 days.  The habits that you are likely to pick up along the way will, without a doubt, change your life.  

Wish me luck and Stay Relentless.

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